Where can I buy Amsoil

Where can I buy Amsoil synthetic oil

Where can I buy Amsoil synthetic oil? I’m Looking for Amsoil but can’t find it? These questions are often asked because folk’s don’t know about the wholesale accounts Amsoil offers!  These allow you to buy Amsoil wholesale and get a discounted price, the same as a dealer pay’s!!!!

Actually, there is no need to look for a store that’s near you. You can get Amsoil delivered to you home or business at the same price a store or dealer would buy it for, without paying the retail store prices or dealer mark up.

So, how can I do that you ask.  It’s very simple to do, and only cost a small membership fee. For more information on this account and other Amsoil accounts, please visit this page by clicking HERE or by requesting the wholesale price list using this button.

Secure web form – Price list Sent to you via Email!

Alternatively,  you can use the links on the products page one this site by clicking here

More on the Amsoil preferred customer discount

What is a Amsoil preferred customer? Find out more with this pdf link.

Preferred Customer information: click here for the brochure downloaded in PDF

As an AMSOIL Preferred Customer you will enjoy the following benefits:

check this outFactory direct ordering at wholesale cost. Save approx 25%.

check this outFast delivery to your door.

check this outEasy online or phone ordering.

check this outNo minimum or maximum order sizes. 1 qt or a truckload.

check this outReceive the latest AMSOIL product catalogs.

check this outFree subscription to the monthly AMSOIL Magazine.

6 Month Trial Includes:

Packet includes catalogs with the trail membership

  • AMSOIL PC account login number
  • AMSOIL PC kit, which includes:
    • Product catalog
    • Casual Apparel catalog
    • Wholesale price list
    • Dealer information and upgrade form
    • Altrum Product catalog
    • PC monthly AMSOIL Magazine (6 issues)
  • Wholesale prices at dealer cost on all orders from the Amsoil warehouse


Add a Preferred Customer membership to your cart and pay wholesale prices for all AMSOIL products – a savings of approximately 25 percent. You’ll pay regular AMSOIL shipping rates, but still save more than regular online/catalog customers. In addition, Preferred Customers pay wholesale prices on future orders for the duration of their P.C. membership. Memberships can be renewed annually.


For a limited time we are offering a AMSOIL Preferred Customer (PC) account trial. This is a 6 month trial registration instead of the full year membership, just so you can see the benefits first hand ( normally $20.00 ). Once registered you will be able to purchase Amsoil products at 20% – 25% off retail prices, shipped to you. More information is HERE.


No obligation to make a purchase and renewal is manual, NOT automatic! It’s your choice

 You must use the Customer Registration link or form below to get it.

Within 1 – 2 business days you will receive a your new Preferred Customer number (account number) and log in info via email.

Within 7-10 business you will receive your Preferred Customer starter kit via USMail from AMSOIL, Inc. including a price list, catalog and other items of interest.

Once you receive your account number you can call AMSOIL toll free and place your wholesale orders weekdays – 7 am to 5 pm Central Time or login to your account and order online at wholesale pricing. You will receive the log in instructions with your account number via email.

You may upgrade to a dealership at any time which takes $10 off of your dealership cost. An upgrade to dealer form will be in the PC packet you receive in the mail.

 No obligation to make a purchase and renewal is manual, NOT automatic!

It’s your choice to continue the program and you do not need to cancel it!